Monday, January 24, 2011

MMA Strength and Conditioning

“One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity" - Bruce Lee

The demands of MMA

In strength and conditioning terms, the demands of MMA are variable. We have many different styles and multiple ways to succeed in competition. This make it difficult to apply a rigid structure to the strength and conditioning framework requires for the fighter. The bottom line is that strength fighter, power fighter and endurance fighter can all be highly successful. So, is I'm a power fighter and I win all my fight in the first round - should i spend time focusing on my endurance? And if I do, will my power suffer? To answer this we must first examine whether this is a weak point. 

What is a weak point?

Traditionally a weak point would be highlighted as a peer-tested variable. As an example, if you are below the average strength for your weight class, then this is a weak point. 

My criteria for classifying weak point are very simple:

*Does the variable involved affect your ability to succeed in fight?
*Does the variable involved affect your longevity as an fighter?

Rate your fitness out of 10 (10 being excellent) for the following elements:


You'll be able answer this fairly easily if you've training for any length of time. My suggest is that you already fight/train in a way that supports/or is supported by these physical strengths and weaknesses. If you took a serious look at your training history you will probably find that you've spent
countless hours in the gym working towards goals that don't support you.

Applying this to your strength and conditioning 

Take a look at your current training programme and examine the current weak point in your physical game. Next, think about whether they really are weak point - as defined in the above criteria. If you have training practices in your programme that don't support your road to success then take them out. Try this for 4-6 weeks and devote them extra time and energy to working on your strengths.

by Mathhew Palfrey - Strength and Conditioning Coach in UK. He can be contacted via his blog

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts

Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts establish in 1992 by Greg Jackson, who is a MMA trainer. He is now the most popular MMA trainer in the world and he has trained several successful fighter, including current UFC welterweight champion, George ST-Pierre.

In 1992, Jackson founded his own martial art, Gaidojutsu, which combines wrestling with the basic judo locks. He then developed his art by adding techniques from other styles such as Wrestling, Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. His school officially turned into an MMA school in 2000.

Fighters from Jackson's camp has a win percentage of 81%. Other notable fighters include former UFC veteran Keith Jardine, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans, former WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, former King Of Pancrase Nate Marquardt, light heavyweight propest Jon Jones, Heavyweight Shane Carwin, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski and World MMA Fight of Year Award Winner Clay Guida.

Greg Jackson won 3 World MMA Awards. He won the "Best Coach" and the "Best Gym" in 2009 as well as "Coach of the Year" in 2010.

Greg Jackson was named the 8th most powerful man in MMA by Fight! magazine in 2009.

Released in 2009, "Jackson's MMA - THE STAND UP GAME"

Released in 2010, "Jackson's MMA - THE GROUND GAME"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The King is here!


'Top King' Grappling Gloves are functional for both training and competition.

Thick knuckle padding reduces shock.

An open half palm provide comfort and wrap around wrist closure provide a secure fit.

My conclusion for the 'TOP KING' Grappling Gloves, it's totally suitable for both MMA's training and competition.
Because of the thick knuckle padding, you now can sparring it with full force in our academy, Ultimate MMA Academy during sparring session.
The open palm design, you have more control in the game. It help you to have more control for bjj technique. It's totally worth to buy it, train with it. For more detailed, visit our store's page on Facebook.

The Gracie Diet's Tips

*Prepare the juice only at mealtime. The nutritional value of freshly squeezed juice diminishes almost instantly if you let it sit.

*Stay away from canned or bottled fruit juices, even if it says that they are 100% natural and have no preservatives.

*No offence to any brand/company. Pictures shown only for illustration only.

TGD Chapter Review #5

Chapter 5
*Space your meals at least 4 1/2 hours apart. Do not eat anything in between.

*Never eat dessert or drinks sodas.

*Don't mix different starches within the same meals.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ever Gas Out Early In A Competition?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an individual sport. Although there are teams, schools, and associations, at the end of the day your training partners can’t fight for you. At a competition, once you step onto the mat, it’s just you, alone in the spot light.
Everyone reacts a little bit differently, but for me, as I walk out the gym goes quiet. I feel slightly disconnected from the world, like I am watching my body from the outside. Every sound is muffled and slow. I feel my heartbeat in my ears, and my hands start to sweat. My legs get very tight like overwound springs, ready to explode on command. My throat swells a little bit and I can’t really talk. The muscles in my shoulders and neck get a little twitchy and my arms tingle.
It’s an adrenaline dump, nature’s way of preparing my body for fight or flight. And it can be very difficult to control or deal with. The primal nature of a grappling competition (after all, we are literally getting ready to try and choke someone unconscious) amplifies the bodies’ reaction. My hands are literally twitching a little bit as I type this, just visualizing the moments before a match begins.
Adrenaline is a double edged sword, while it makes us stronger, faster, and more aware, it also impairs our critical thinking and saps our endurance. Its purpose is to give us 60 seconds of superhuman attack strength, or the speed to run and hide. A six minute grappling match is outside the scope of adrenaline’s original design specifications.
I came to BJJ from wrestling. As a wrestling coach, I’ve seen a lot of different reactions to adrenaline dumps, from crying to manic laughter to puking to freezing up, and the classic gassing out 30 seconds into a match. The gassing out was what really started me thinking about what was happening. I knew the kids were in good cardio condition, there was no reason they should be getting tired in 30 seconds. But no matter how many sets of stairs we did, or how intense our drilling was, we still had kids just gas out in competition.
I also saw a lot of mentally tough kids, even at the high school level, just lose it and start bawling their eyes out. What the heck was going on? I don’t have the scientific chops to explain this complicated chemical chain reaction, but I can tell you how I dealt with it as a coach.
The first thing is to help the kids recognize, at an intellectual level that they are going to have some sort of physiological reaction at the moment of competition. Just being aware of that and accepting it will help when the moment arrives. I would talk with them in great detail about what they might feel, and make them understand that it was perfectly normal and that everyone (their competition included) felt something similar. Now, instead of wondering what the heck was going on they could recognize “Oh, this is that adrenaline dump starting” and bring some rationality back to the table.
The next thing we would do is help them recognize that they really aren’t in a life or death situation. Sure, some people get hurt at wrestling or grappling competitions, but it’s rarely serious and almost never fatal. You are most likely going to get up and walk of the mat with no serious injuries. And any kid who spent more than a couple of months in wrestling practice wasn’t going to be afraid of a little pain.
But adrenaline is a fear based reaction, so if we know we aren’t going to die, and we aren’t afraid of physical pain, where exactly is the fear coming from?
The biggest source of fear is from our ego. In wrestling or BJJ there are no excuses for the outcome of a match. There is no team mate who didn’t do his job, no coach who called the wrong play. We can try to blame the referee, but we have the power to take the decision away from a referee by finishing the fight so that is a hollow excuse. We can’t even say our opponent is bigger or stronger or more skilled in a competition with weight classes and skill divisions. With no excuses left, we have to take the full responsibility for the results of a match on our own shoulders. Either we were better than our opponent, or they were better than us. That’s tough medicine to swallow, and our ego fears taking it.
So how do you deal with fear from the ego? First, we need to understand that we don’t really have control over the outcome of a match. We can’t dictate the quality of our opponents. What if our division is full of scrubs and we submit everyone to take home the gold? What does that say about our Jiu-Jitsu? Not much. How about if we go to a tournament and our division is stacked deep with talent, we fight well but get tapped? What does that saw about our Jiu-Jitsu?
We really only have control over our own performance, and that’s how we need to judge ourselves. Did we fight well? Did we perform up to our own level of competence? Did we improve from last time? Once we decide to judge ourselves on these types of criteria, the outcome is secondary. That gives our ego some comfort, and it lessens the adrenaline dump. We aren’t as afraid of losing, so we can relax a little bit and have fun.
Perhaps the best way to deal with adrenaline though is just to compete more often. Just like anything else, as we become used to the environment the fear goes away. While we might still get a little nervous or get some butterflies, we don’t have the huge adrenaline dump to deal with. If you remember your first day in class, you were probably pretty nervous, but now it’s like family. Same guys, same things going on, but no more fear. Tournaments can become the same way; just watch some of the high level guys who compete all the time. It looks like just another day at the office for them.
-  Bill Thomas

The Technology of Tough

Everlast Technology of Tough

 Everlast use all this technology on this fight gear.

Greatness Is Within #2

Everlast Advanced Pro Style Training Gloves 

Everlast boxing gloves are one of the most prominent brands when it comes to sporting equipment, especially in boxing.

All Everlast Gloves come with the gloves bag. These one too.

The rear look of the bag. It's printed all features of the gloves.
Try up the gloves. 
Here a closed look of the gloves. 

>Constructed from durable and long-lasting synthetic leather.
>Improved curved anatomical grip and fit.
>Hook-and-loop strap for ease for use.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Youngest MMA Fighter

Eight and Nine Year old Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo, are the future of Mixed Martial Arts. They are the latest 'athletes' sponsored by TAPOUT.
Here's their promote video, 

Greatness Is Within

Everlast Grappling Training Gloves

When I first received it, it was in the Everlast Gloves Bag.

The Front look of the gloves. Upper part printed with the significant logo, the 'E' logo. On the palm strap area printed the name of Everlast.

MMA gloves are usually not meant for sparring, but if you should insist on going light with these, it surface is soft enough if you have good control.

The rear look of the gloves.
Open palm with 5 fingers loop. On the palm strap printed the size of the gloves and also the word 'MMA'.

When I wore it, I felt totally comfortable, the loop is totally fit to my fingers.

I always get skin burn between my fingers (on the part of the fingers where it connect to the palm) to the usage of other brand of MMA Gloves, but when I wore and train with these, I felt that all my finger is well protected.

More pictures on our page on facebook.

My conclusion about Everlast Grappling Training Gloves, the gloves is totally suitable for MMA training. It totally fit me and protect my fingers so well.

1 more good thing about it is the material, EVERFRESH MATERIAL Sweat without smelling like it. Treated lining guards against odor, skin irritation, growth of bacteria and microbes that cause fabric breakdown.(Printed on the gloves bag)

Here are the features from Everlast.
Train with intensity and pure concentration.

>Strategically crafted grip and fit puts your hand into a natural grappling position
>Closed Cell Durafoam padding
>Open palm design features anatomical grip and fit
>Split thumb padding for increased protection
>Articulated finger ridges add ease of movement
>Extended fingers for extra protection
>Supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap
>Synthetic leather

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ultimate MMA Store

We provide you the cheapest MMA Fightgear and Apparel.
 Here are the products we already have: 
Brand 'Muay Thai' Boxing Gloves

And now, EVERLAST Gloves (Boxing&MMA) and TOP KING Grappling Gloves is officially in the house. Check out our page on Facebook.

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MMA Strength and Conditioning

*Strength - the extent to which muscles can exert force by contracting against resistance (holding or restraining an object or person).

*Conditioning - the bodies ability to work easily and/or with lessened stress while performing a chosen activity.

TGD Chapter Review #4

Chapter 4
*Small changes are the easiest to make. Don't feel that you have to change all your eating habits immediately.

*The discipline you develop by taking control of your dietary habits will lead to success in all areas of your life.

*The Gracie Diet as a whole has proven itself over many years. It won't fail you, as long as you don't fail it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Train with the Champ, Train like a Champ

George ST-Pierre is my favorite fighter. He's the Welterweight Champion of the UFC and he's the #1 Pound to Pound fighter. Here's the GSP RUSHFIT, George ST-Pierre's Training Series. 

If you want to look like a champion you have to train like one.

Muay Thai Clinch

Hey guys, here's some technique about Muay Thai Clinch.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gracie Diet's Tips

Here some tips I learn from the book,
*Only drink plain water or coconut water between meals.

*When juicing watermelon or grapes use a blender. After blending the fruit,
strain the mixture through a Gracie Juice Bag into a bowl.

TGD Chapter Review #3

Chapter 3
*The Gracie Diet is more than just a list of food combinations.It's the beginning of a new and healthier way of life.

*Your motivation for a healthy transformation is much more important that any aspect of your current physical condition.

*Never let yourself feel that change is beyond your control. You have the power to defeat any internal adversary, starting today!

TGD Chapter Review #2

Chapter 2
*The Gracie Diet is largely based on the fact that eating foods in proper combinations will benefit your health.

*Even if foods taste good, they can still be harmful if not eaten with compatible foods. The Key is to learn to like what is good for you.

*Try the Gracie Diet for two weeks - the changes you see and feel will convince you to stay the course for the rest of your life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

TGD Chapter Review #1

Chapter 1
*You formed eating habits over many years, but you always have the power to change them. You can immediately begin to counter the negative effects of a bad diet by starting to eat properly.

*Your body uses an incredible amount of energy to digest each meal. Any effort spent on maximizing the efficiency of the digestive process is effort well spent.

*Learning to manage the temptations elicited by your taste buds is the first step towards optimizing your health.

Table Contents


Book Details: 5'x7'

Table of Contents

Foreword by Pedro Valente, M.D.


Chapter 1: Your Diet IS Your Life
Origins of the Gracie Diet
Your Diet Determines the Quality of Your Life
Dietary Decisions
Chapter 2: The Key to Good Health – Proper Food Combinations
The Food Industry Isn’t Interested in Your Health
Stories of the Healing Powers of the Gracie Diet
You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain
It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What You Eat It With
Chapter 3: Where Are You Now?
Food is Everywhere!
Establish a Base Point
Chapter 4: The Hard Part – Changing Your Eating Habits
Make Healthy Eating a Habit
Changing Habits Requires a Plan
Current Weekly Food Routine
Chapter 5: Getting Started
Three Steps to a Newer, Healthier, and Happier You
Your First Meal on the Gracie Diet


Chapter 6: A Family Affair
The Power of Personal Example
A Quick and Simple Way to Kick the Junk Food Habit
What to Do When Kids Demand Junk Food
The Ultimate Halloween Trick
How to Win the Kids Over, One Bite at a Time
How to Inspire Your Loved Ones
Chapter 7: Beyond the First Three Phases of the Gracie Diet
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for the Best
Your Guide to Food Combinations
The Gracie Diet Table
Chapter 8: The Gracie Diet on the Go
How to Eat Healthily When You’re on the Run
Learn the Gracie Diet Food Selection Process
How Well do You Know the Combinations?
Real Life Examples Drawn from the Menus of Popular Restaurants
Chapter 9: Tips for Losing Weight
How Dieting Helps You to Acquire the Gracie “Iron Will”
Calorie Control
Play This Game at Your Next Meal
A Surefire Way to Burn Fat
Managing Your Carbohydrates
Protein Sources
Critical Fat Facts
How to Lose Weight and Still Occasionally Enjoy Alcohol
Chapter 10: The Role of Exercise
Make it Fun
Start Simple
Keep Climbing
Chapter 11: The Final Round
Tips and Reminders
The Gracie Diet 14-Day Meal Plan
Entrées Menu Index

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gracie Diet

The Gracie Diet Book by Rorion Gracie from The Greatest Gracie Family is about what Grand Master Carlos Gracie discovered about eating after 65 years of research and experimentation.

"Your body was created to function perfectly. Don't disturb its natural flow by feeding it correctly." - Grand Master Helio Gracie.

Through this book, you'll learn:
*How to break habits of unhealthy eating, even if they've existed for many years.

*How to properly combine your foods to maximize the nutritional value of each meal.

*How to reach optimum health while continuing to enjoy your favorite foods.

This Gracie Diet Table come together with the book.

This is the best diet book I ever seen before and I'm so fortune to have this book at the age of 20s. I decided to practice it(Gracie way) for my whole lifetime. For more detail, visit Gracie store. Go for it, keep it real.